Saturday, June 2, 2012

No Olympics For Peng Peng Lee :(

This is such sad news. Peng Peng Lee injured her knee while attempting the DTY at the Canadian Nationals. Lee withdrew from the Canadian trials. I was looking forward to seeing Lee represent Canada at the Olympics. I kept on telling my friends that she was one of the major stars of Canadian gymnastics and that when they watch the Olympics they should look out for Peng Peng Lee. Now I will have to tell them she won't be competing at the Olympics. Instead she will be the honorary team captain, "Gymnastics Canada has named Lee as the Honorary WAG Team Captain for the 2012 Olympic Games as she is a dynamic and respected leader among the WAG NT athletes and that her winning attitude and determination are commendable." Click for source

I wanted to see Lee perform this FX at the Olympics.

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