Monday, June 11, 2012

The Russians Are Coming

This week the Russian Cup (Nationals) will be taking place from June 12-17. It's not clear if we will see some upgrades but some things are known.

Tatiana Nabieva is back in the house. She was seen training in a new video and Alexandrov had said that she has almost resolved her weight issues.

Ksenia Afanasyeva is worried about her minor ankle injury. In a news clip she is considered one of the locks for the Olympic team. Alexandrov said that she will not show her full program at the Russian Cup. She is now doing acrobatics again. Afanasyeva will unveil her new choreographed floor routine. I'm excited for this. I'm glad the Russians are taking it easy on her. She is an older gymnast so she needs to rest more so that she can be in optimum form in London.

Viktoria Komova & Aliya Mustafina are training normal now and are doing all four apparatuses. Mustafina and Komova are training the Amanar into the pit. I hope this will be the first time we get to see Komova and Mustafina compete against each other for the AA title. They both need to have a friendly competitive rivalry.

Anastasia Grishina is also starting to feel sore in the legs according to Alexandrov. Hopefully it does not develop into something serious.

The google translated article can be read here: CLICK HERE

Anastasia Sidorova has been battling some injuries. I hope she will have a good showing. Her chances of making the team is not secure anymore.

Maria Paseka has to show us why she is useful to team Russia. She is unusable on beam and floor. Her only hope of making the team is to have the Amanar. Now would be the time to show it. Paseka is no Maroney. 

New Training Video - Dementyeva is looking fit. I wish her the best. She has been an important gymnast for Russia this quad. Tatiana Nabieva training on bars. Don't forget to read the descriptions for the video:


  1. Is there a video of mustafina and komova training the amanar?