Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chinese Team Announced

The WAG Chinese team will comprise of He Kexin (2008 bars gold medalist, now a two-time Olympian), Deng Linlin (2008 team gold medalist, now a two-time Olympian), Yao Jinnan (2011 world's AA bronze medalists, China's best hope for an Olympic AA medal), Sui Lu (2011 world's beam gold medalist) and Huang Qiushuang (rumoured to have landed an Amanar but no video evidence).

One of my favourite 2008 Olympian, Jiang Yuyuan made it as alternate. 2010 Youth Olympic silver AA medalist Tan Sixin will be the other alternate.

I think this was China's best possible team. I don't really understand what all the fuss is about He Kexin being named as the last member. So what if she's a specialist? Almost all the top team will have a specialist. For example, Russia's Maria Paseka will be taken for her Amanar vault. She is useless on the other events. McKayla Maroney is basically a one event specialist on vault. It can be argued that she can do floor but let's face it she won't make floor finals and USA might not use her floor in team finals because she is inconsistent. Maroney will not even be used on UB or BB as she's weak on those apparatuses.

He Kexin can bring in a high score for China on UB. She can score in the 15.000 -15.500 range. Any scores in the 15's is great for any team. He Kexin could also make it to bars event finals and possibly medal. It will be hard for China to contend for gold or possibly even silver. They have the potential to medal bronze.

China is one of my favourite sentimental team. I don't even give a shit about the Chinese underage scandal. I do think some of them were underage. If they are found to be underage, they should give their gold to the obnoxious Americans (not all Americans are obnoxious). China does give back their medals when found to be guilty but all other federations who were found to be underage kept their cheating medals. Gymnastic age is really controversial and I have my suspicions of other federation cheating ages (past & present). It happens and I can guarantee that the majority of some gymnasts are not the ages they really claim to be. IMO the only clean countries with no age questions are USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, you get the idea. China, Japan, Russia, Romania etc, are not clean of this IMO, I have my suspicions. Let's all face it, not everyone will play by the rules. Gymnastic is not the only sport that has cheating scandals.

This is my China team line-up. Parentheses is for prelims and the lowest score to be scratched for the team prelim total.

VT: (He or Sui) Deng, Huang, Yao
UB: (Deng) Huang, Yao, He
BB: (Huang or Deng) Huang or Deng, Yao, Sui
FX: (Deng or Huang) Deng or Huang, Yao, Sui


  1. "I don't even give a shit about the Chinese underage scandal ... China does give back the medal when found to be guilty ..." As a gymnastics fan, do you give a shit about playing by the rules? Or are you another stupid Canadian (not all Canadians are stupid).

    1. You anon trolls crack me up.

      Stop being ignorant and naive. Do you seriously think the FIG plays by the rules. Do you seriously think all federations play by the rules? We live in a unjust and bias world. Cheating happens from all kinds of people.