Monday, July 30, 2012

Men's Gymnastics Olympic Team Finals

I am pumped and ready for the men's team finals today. Starts at 11:30 AM EDT in about 40 min. I'm going to be watching BBC online live coverage. You need to have a hidden IP address.

The team I am most looking forward to is Japan. Come on Japan. Show the world how beautiful and clean your gymnastic is.

EDIT 1: OMFG! Finals were nerve wreaking as F*ck! Controversy. Did Kohei finish in handstand? I'm no expert but this whole outcome is insane. It looked like Japan was 4th but then they protested Kohei's score and it was enough to get Japan in 2nd. I love Japan but I'm gonna wait and see what all the real MAG gym experts think. My specialty only lay in WAG, lol.

On the flip side CHINA deserved their GOLD and there is no controversy there. I am happy with China's gold. If Japan couldn't win gold China was my second choice. Congratulation China.

Full Results:  CLICK HERE

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