Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Favourite Nabieva Moments

The first time I saw Tatiana Nabieva was at the 2010 Japan Cup. I believe this was the competition where she first did the toe-on straight Tkatchev. It is now named the "Nabieva". The whole competition used to be on youtube but the user closed its channel. Luckily another youtuber uploaded single clips from that competition. I remember seeing Nabieva doing the "Nabieva" and being in awe. She is full of personality. I personally only enjoyed watching her on bars.

The title on this youtube clip says BB EX, lol. Should be UB. Oh well. Edit (video got deleted, booo).


Another personal favourite. Nabieva doing an Amanar or was she trying to attempt a triple Yurchenko? She is one of the moodiest gymnast I have ever seen. She cries and laughs a lot.

She didn't make it to the Olympics. If she was able to do the Amanar (even with bad form, IMO) she would have made the team over Maria Paseka. Too bad she couldn't do it. She is currently injured in the knee/leg (?) and I bet it was because she attempted the Amanar. I hope she will still be around in the next quad to keep us all entertained.

This uneven bars routine was by far one of her best performances. It had an 6.8 D-score! She'll never be forgotten for her innovated bar routines.

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