Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yao Jinnan D-Scores 2012

Here I go again with the d-score calculations. These d-scores are for my own references when the Olympics begins. I just want to familiarize myself with these gymnasts routine and know where their d-scores will roughly be at. 13 more days until the Olympic Games!

Yao Jinnan is currently China's best all-arounder. She could medal in AA finals or even be the first ever Chinese female gymnast to win the Olympic AA title, this is not a delusional statement. If she had not fallen off beam at the 2011 world championships she would have been the first ever Chinese female gymnast to win an world champion AA title.

She doesn't have an Amanar but IMHO the Amanar from the other AA competitors are over-rated. Anything can happen when the actual competition begins and having an Amanar is very helpful to have but it's only going to help a gymnast if they can nail it with exceptional execution. If a gymnast fall or doesn't fully rotate that 1/2 twist, this will mean DISASTER. Most of the AA contenders with Amanars have shady ones. 

Yao is still competitive enough on the other apparatuses. She has been rumoured to have a vault that was over 6.0, not sure what kind of vault. She recently had a minor injury at the Chinese Nationals and didn't compete. I believe her only major 2012 competition was the Zibo World Cup in China. I will use the most recent videos I can find. Her vault and floor routine will be from Tokyo world's. I'm pretty sure she will compete the double layout on floor again.

Vault: Yurchenko 2/1 = 5.8

Stalder Shap + Pak (D+D) 0.1CV
Stalder + Stalder Shap 1/2  (E)
Healy + Ling + Ling 1/2 + Tkatchev (E+E+E+D) 0.6

3.6 + 0.7CV = 4.3 + 2.5 = 6.8 D-Score

Standing Tuck 1/1 + Korbut (F+B) 0.2
FF + BHS + Layout (B+B+E) 0.2
Wolf Jump + Split Jump
Front Aerial + Sheep jump (D+D) 0.1
Front Tuck (D)
Leg Split Turn (C)
Switch Ring (E)
RO + DBL Pike (E)

3.6 + 0.5CV = 4.1 + 2.5 = 6.6 D-Score if everything gets credit

3/1 Twists + Stag (E+A) 0.1CV
Memmel Spin (D)
Switch 1/2 Leap (C)
3/2 Twists + 5/2 Twists + Split Jump (C+D+A) 0.2
Front Aerial
Switch Ring + Split 1/1 (C/C)
Double Pike (D)

3.2 + 0.3CV = 3.5 + 2.5 = 6.0 D-Score if everything gets credit

AA D-Scores = 5.8 + 6.8 + 6.6 + 6.0 = 25.2

I will be rooting for Yao in London. I'm predicting her best chance will be bronze (Even though gold possibly can happen). If she doesn't medal and manages to hit all her routines then that will still be impressive and a winner in my book. I just want her to have the best experience in London.

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