Saturday, July 28, 2012

Men's Olympic Gymnastic Prelims

I'm watching it LIVE here It's BBC coverge. It will only work if you have a hidden IP address. I am using a really good program called "stealthy" It works really well but the catch is that you have to pay for it. It's worth paying for.

Edit: CTV (Canada) works for me, I feel so stupid now. I'm still going to keep BBC as a back up.

Edit: Final Results CLICK HERE

1) USA  275.342
2) RUS 272.595
3) GBR  272.420
4) GER  270.888
5) JPN 270.503
6) CHN  269.985
7) UKR  269.810
8) FRA  265.759

I'm disappointed in Japan but hopefully this will motivate them even more. Kohei is currently 9th AA.

This was an exciting prelims! So many surprises. Most team shouldn't celebrate yet though, no one has won anything.

 I know you can do it Kohei. Go get the gold.

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