Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Gymnastic Thoughts #1

I'm pretty much blogging for the sake of blogging right now. I'm excited for today's opening ceremony. I haven't found a personal link yet but the wonderful people on various gymnastic forum/blogs are hooking up with potential links that might work. I hope one of them work. I can't afford cable and Canada's online CTV sucks. I can't seem to get any videos to work, even when I downloaded the required program.


Disappointing Thoughts
-The gymnastic podium is PINK. WTF? I like all the people who are complaining about the pink podium. I want the London designers to know how much of a failure they are. They even have some equipment in pink. The men's rings is pink, I kind of can't take it seriously. Seeing a fit and strong guy on a pink ring is kind of laughable. I feel this is the joke Olympics. The pink is not even pretty. It's really distracting. Seeing all the gymnasts blend in with the pink is hilarious. I think the only good colour that matches the pink podium is a black or dark coloured leo. It was also distracting to watch the American girls in podium training because they were in bright pink. I don't mind pink leo's and in fact I get very annoyed at people who complain about pink leotards. I seriously almost vomited watching the American girls, not because they weren't good but because I was getting motion sickness from all the movements and bright colours. Also red leotards will be a bad idea to wear on the pink podium. It's like they're just fading away and clashing with the pink. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

I will eventually get over the trashy pink and solely concentrate on the actual gymnastics, but I will not ease up to the horrid pink and dark depressing purple venue. Yes it looks kind of depressing when you see the dark purple walls. No one is going to change my mind about the epic failure of the colours. There are people who actually love it and are orgasmicly gushing over it, "OMG it's pink, I totally love it."

- I'm really disappointed about all the injuries.

Positive Thoughts 
- Viktoria Komova landed two very good Amanars in podium training, and she rarely had any mistakes on the other apparatuses
- All of the Russian gymnasts did good beam routines

- I'm glad Larisa Iordache can compete AA after all
- Team Japan supposedly looked good in podium training. They are looking good for team gold. Kohei Uchimura had some mistakes in podium training but still looks very strong for the AA gold
- And finally, please allow me to be BIAS. Afanasyeva's floor routine is getting a lot of praise from bloggers, and tweeters who were at podium training. She does have some landing problems but her choreography is apparently great. I'm only scared about her music choice. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Just because...

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