Monday, July 2, 2012

Viktoria Komova's D-Scores (Updated)

As I promised from my last post Viktoria Komova D-Scores I will now update Komova's d-scores. I will use her most recent videos from the Russian Cup. It's quite hard to figure out what exactly she will compete in London. Everything is a mystery for now. She might not compete all the new upgrades we've seen from her. Russia is full of surprises. I still think she has a shot at AA gold even if her new floor music stinks. She plans on having the Amanar in London. I find it hard to envision an Amanar from her but anything is possible. She was capable of the Amanar as a junior and I never thought she would be able to get back her Patterson dismount, so we'll see.

VT: Amanar 6.5/ DTY 5.8 (Here she does the DTY)

Komova II + Pak (E+D) 0.2CV
Komova (E)
Inbar 1/2 + Stretched Jaeger (D+E) 0.2
Inbar 1/1 + P. Tkatchev (E+E) 0.2
DBL DBL Tuck (F)

3.9 + 0.6CV = 4.5 + 2.5CR = 7.0 D-Score

L-Turn + Front Aerial + Back Tuck + Sheep Jump (C+D+C+D) 0.3CV [she obviously didn't connect everything here, but this is what she is intending to connect]
FF + LOSO + LOSO (B+C+C) 0.1CV [she didn't compete the second loso but it will be back in her routine]
Standing Arabian (F)
Sissone + Split Jump (A/A)
Front Tuck (D)
Side - Somi (D)
Switch Leap (C)
FF + BHS + Patterson (B+B+G) 0.2CV

3.5 + 0.6CV = 4.1 + 2.5CR = 6.6 D-Score if everything gets credit

3/2 Twists + DBL Arabian + Stag (C+E+A) 0.3CV
DBL Tuck (D)
DBL L-Spin (D)
Memmel Spin (D)
Split Leap 1/1 (C)
3/1 Twists (E)
Switch Leap + Split Leap (B/A)
DBL Pike (D)

3.2 + 0.3CV = 3.5 + 2.5CR = 6.0 D-Score if everything gets credit

6.5/5.8 + 7.0 + 6.6 + 6.0 = AA total D-score  26.1 with Amanar & 25.4 with only DTY

These were her maximum potential scores I can find. She might not need the Amanar IMO. This makes me excited. Of course execution will play a big factor in who will be the big leader in London as well.

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